Are you up for meeting goulies, ghouls, witches and other outer world horrors in the Abbeyfeale Town Park on Halloween night.  Be prepared to be terrorised!

BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID: The committee and staff of the Town Park which by the way has just been awarded the prize for the best community park in Munster are looking for help and say “Do you dare to walk amongst the living dead? We need you all out in force on Halloween night between 7 & 10pm at the town park, it is imperative that the number of living people have to outnumber the number of zombies and deathly figures now roaming freely in our park! We need everyone in the community and surrounding areas to join us in battle on Halloween Night! Supervisor Jim O’Connor, who has fought many battles in the past and bears the scars of same has a special plea for all those who come to the rescue of the Park on Halloween “please be careful,” he said, “the zombies are out to reclaim their flesh by taking ours” Speaking at a news conference held recently Mr. O’Connor also divulged that there is merit in the strong rumour currently circulating that a chainsaw wielding manic has taken up residence beside the duck pond and he advises that people avoid this area on the night. This is a fundraiser to help with the continued maintenance of the Park and families of four will be asked for a donation of €15 or €5 per person. The Fright Nite has a dedicated Facebook page.